Why the name Boscolo? Boscolo is called a game that implies work, socializing and events in the forest near the vineyard. It represents our first cuvee composed of Istrian Teran and French Merlot. French Merot, which has been grown in our areas for many years, has been proven to give excellent results. The wine is characterized by a beautiful ruby red color, while on the nose it gives notes of forest fruits such as blackberry and blackcurrant. The wine is tannic with velvety tannins and has a full body. The wine has a good balance, the intensity of the taste is expressed, and the taste is long-lasting. The wine goes well with soft cheeses and grilled red meat.


Grape variety: 50% teran and 50% merlot
Category: Dry wine
Vineyard: Croatia Istria
Vineyard: Vela BoŇ°ka
Vineyard age: 15 years
Vineyard altitude: 80m
Vineyard location: Western Istria
Harvest: Manual
Alcohol: 14%
Recommended temp (ideogram): 16
Bottle size (ideogram): 0.75L


long maceration, aging in wood, aging in bottle