Olive oil's

Types: Crna, buza, bijelica and selection

Packaging: 0,25l and 0,50l

Cuj Buza

Oil obtained from the autochthonous Istrian variety of buza, it is decorated with moderately pronounced fruity aromas of fresh, green olive fruit, and a slight hint of almond and hazelnuts. Cuj Buza is known for its uniform taste of bitterness and spiciness, which makes the oil perfectly harmonious. It is a great addition to fresh foods, goes great with raw blue fish, especially tuna and salmon.

Cuj Crna

It is an old Istrian variety with an intensely expressed scent of fresh, green olive fruit and an attractive scent of grass and almond. The fusion of the sweet taste of olive, almond and apple, medium bitterness and moderate spiciness creates an exceptionally harmonious Cuj Crna. This balanced oil is an excellent seasoning for grilled blue and white fish and a salad of octopus and seafood, beans, broad beans and chickpeas, it improves and enriches various vegetable dishes.

Cuj Bjelica

Oil obtained from the fruit of the autochthonous Istarska Bjelica variety. It is adorned with an intense fruity scent of fresh, green olive fruit and the attractive smell of freshly cut grass, tomato leaves and fresh green almonds. The initial gently bitter tones gradually transition into the final spiciness. Due to its purity, it goes well with fish and grilled meat and soups or as a topping on chocolate ice cream or mousse.