Rose wine

Cuj Rose blend is a variety of 60% Teran and 40% Merlot. The wine has a beautiful cherry color, on the nose there are notes of roses and violets. Teran gives this wine freshness and liveliness, then notes of herbalism and freshly picked red fruits like raspberries, while on the other hand we have the softness and elegance that comes from Merlot. The wine is harmonious, easy to drink, and on the aftertaste accompanied by a note of aronia. The combination of these two varieties gives roses with a unique profile. It is ideally combined with octopus on salad, clams on buzar, pasta with seafood.


Grape variety: 60% teran, 40% merlot
Category: Dry wine
Vineyard: Croatia Istria
Vineyard: Vela BoŇ°ka
Vineyard age: 10 years
Vineyard altitude: 80m
Vineyard location: Western Istria
Harvest: Manual
Alcohol: 12.5
Recommended temp (ideogram): 9
Bottle size (ideogram): 0.75L