Sparkling wine

Something else that malvasia can do. Selected location with higher grape acids are the basis for this sparkling wine. This sparkling wine is obtained by the classic method of fermentation in the bottle and long aging. It is precisely this aging that gives the wine its characteristic brioche smell, small and fine bubbles and a taste of balanced freshness. The sparkling wine is extra brut (without sugar), so it is very interesting for connoisseurs of sparkling wine. It is ideally combined with raw shellfish, raw shrimp, and can also be served as an aperitif.


Grape variety: Malvazija Istarska 100%
Category: Extra brut
Vineyard: Croatia Istria
Vineyard: Vela BoŇ°ka
Vineyard age: 25 years
Vineyard altitude: 60m
Vineyard location: Western Istria
Harvest: Manual
Alcohol: 12%
Recommended temperature (ideogram): 7/8
Bottle size (ideogram): 0.75L