Another pearl of the Istrian assortment - muscat. This white muscat develops a special aroma because it is nurtured on red earth. By our decision, this muscat is assembled with 1% terane, which gives it that beautiful purple color and additional freshness that makes it special. On the nose, it has notes of fresh basil, which is given to it by that red earth. A semi-sweet wine where the rest of the grape sugar, which is not overcooked, gives the wine additional softness, while on the other hand, teran gives it a touch of freshness. Speckula can be served as an aperitif and with fruit desserts.


Grape variety: 99% white muscat, 1% teran
Category: Semi-sweet wine
Vineyard: Croatia Istria
Vineyard: Špekula
Vineyard age: 25 years
Vineyard altitude: 60m
Vineyard location: Western Istria
Harvest: ManualAlcohol: 11%
Recommended temp (ideogram): 10
Bottle size (ideogram): 0.50L