Red wine

Our basic red wine is obtained from grapes from the best location in the vicinity of Umag, Bosco grande or in translation "Big Forest". The wine is characterized by a beautiful ruby red color with purple tones when swirling in the glass, it is clear and partly dense. The typicality of the variety is a feature of this wine, namely spicy and fruity aromas such as aronia and pepper, which already on the nose give a hint of freshness in the mouth. The wine is tannic with velvety tannins and has a full body. The wine has a good balance, the intensity of the taste is pronounced, and the taste is long-lasting. For it, the grapes are carefully selected, the ideal ripeness is waited for, and after vinification, it is aged for several years, partly in wooden barrels, partly in bottles. With this wine we recommend grilled red meat with the addition of rosemary, dry aged steaks and other types of aged steaks with pepper and olive oil and soft cheeses.


Grape variety: 100% teran
Category: Dry wine
Vineyard: Croatia Istria
Vineyard: Vela BoŇ°ka
Vineyard age: 15 years
Vineyard altitude: 80m
Vineyard location: Western Istria
Harvest: ManualAlcohol: 14%
Recommended temp (ideogram): 16
Bottle size (ideogram): 0.75L


long maceration, aging in wood, aging in bottle